Why Zone 1?

Our pub crawls use a set of tried and tested methods i.e. line up around 6-8 pubs and have a pint in each.  Being creatures of habit we have been going since 2006 and stuck to the original formula.  We don’t really like to talk about the rules but the idea of sticking to Zone 1 really works because there are just so many pubs to cover.  Since starting out on London Pub Crawls there have been times when people have suggested that we should expand away from Zone 1 – and where exactly is the line on the map etc. etc.??

We can visit the same pubs again on a different trail but we rarely do.  Examples are The Newman Arms and The Cittie of York.  Recently we went back to The Golden Eagle after a 5 year gap.  So this database is not only useful for other crawlers but so that we know where we’ve been (as it can get a bit blurry having drunk well over 1,000 pints between us!).

Sometimes the leader uses knowledge and experience but recently we have added trivia to the walks and this can take research; it certainly livens up the evening especially if the public are listening and start contradicting if the facts are wrong!  There are so many classic pubs in London there is often a prime target in mind, such as The Mitre or The Star Tavern.   Some areas need research, such as Lambeth or Pentonville, simply because there is little known about them in general knowledge.  In London there is always some history waiting to be uncovered!

The leader can use maps, or use mobile navigation technology.  Certainly they should do a reccy beforehand as we have seen pubs close down – or worse still knocked down (Bermondsey).  The best crowd pleasing method is to find an impossible looking alleyway or mews and “discover” a pub lost in the urban jungle.  Everyone of us has our own favourite.

So far we have stuck to beginning and ending in Zone 1 and long may it continue….


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