About us

We are a small group of drinkers based in London who like nothing better than spending a Friday trawling around the finest pubs Zone 1 has to offer!

Each month we take turns to lead the group around a different area of Zone 1, the only problem being we often then forget where we’ve been.

This site is an attempt to record where we’ve been, partly to help us remember, and partly to share the great crawls we’ve done with a wider audience.

So how did this particular pub crawl group come about? Phil was the instigator, with an email pitching the crawl idea to some friends in 2006:


I’m proposing to set up a “Friday night is beer night” once per month quite frankly because we don’t see enough of each other.

Not wishing to over-engineer it too much but the general concept is beer or bar crawl or both exploring different/favourite parts of Central London.  For example one month Notting Hill, next Victoria, next Borough Market etc. What choices…..? (take turns to choose/organise)

My thinking was boys only but this we can discuss later. Really there are no rules, you just need to share enthusiasm for beer & pubs. I had in mind dim distant recollections of freedee nights oot on the Toon”

I didn’t even know Phil at the time, but came to the group slightly later on via our mutual friend Paul, who knew my own penchant for beer and pub crawling. The “boys only” rule stayed, as did our enthusiasm for beer and pubs – even if one or two people sometimes order lager, we’re very tolerant of them.

Other rules of thumb are the starting point is always near a zone 1 Underground station, and we try to end close to one as well, although the last train is sometimes missed and we’re stuck with the night bus anyway.

The earliest crawls were in 2006, and already some of the pubs visited have closed down; we like to think we’re doing our bit, and I hope you may be inspired by some of our crawls to get out there and do your own bit to support the great British pub through hard times.




Thanks to Tony, now with over 30 examples of pub crawls already chronicled we are the no1 site for informative pub crawls in zone 1.

We have stuck to the formula and resisted the lure of zone 2 (see page on “why zone 1”).  I looked around the internet and there was nothing as extensive as this on the pubs of inner London.  The trails can be copied for free or used to create your own.  Sadly we do find pub closures, but there are also many tasteful renovations and many of our heritage pubs remain.

There is still lots to explore and there is no sign of us stopping.  We hope you enjoy our blog and feel inspired to support the pub industry by calling in for a pint somewhere en route.  Happy drinking!!




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  1. Do you know the total number of pubs in zone 1? I’ve been trying to do a similar task since 2008 – All zone 1 pubs north of the river – excluding estate pubs (e.g. live and let live, the sovereign, the escape, the grove – to name a few). I’m somewhere near 320 – many of which I have been to more than a few dozen times. Anyway I’m wondering what fraction I have completed.

    • Hi Michael
      Good luck in your mission (though why only north of the river? You’re missing some crackers in Southwark!)
      No I don’t know how many pubs there are I’m afraid – I suspect you could have a good stab through one of the online directories like beer in the evening or fancyapint but I suspect there’s a lot of manual checking involved.

  2. Really enjoyed your blog on the Beermondsey mile, we did the same brewery crawl but in a different order, so we didn’t see you guys. As a card carrying member of CAMRA , a former Guinness employee, trained beer taster and craft beer enthusiast, I would love to join you guys on your trips, but disappointed that its boys only 😉 ha ha

    • Thanks, hope you had a good time too!

  3. Are you on Twitter and Facebook?

    • Hi. I’m on twitter at @selondoner

  4. Hi, Cracking website…. Any chance you boys could give us a hand for next Friday? There’s ten of us coming down to London from Sunderland for a lads 40th birthday…. we’ve got some outfits for him but those are mostly for Saturday night…. We’ll be coming into Kings X about 14.30 and straight out on the piss and wanted a good crawl to capture the essence of London. Any help really appreciated.

  5. hey I get the blog etc but how can I join one of the pub crawls/visits. blair

    • Hi Blair, they aren’t public events I’m afraid, but we hope the notes inspire other people to get out there and explore London’s pubs! Hope you’ll find some places that interest you to go and visit 👍

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