Advance to Mayfair

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The first time through Mayfair we set up a kind of Monopoly theme, where we all had to choose a piece.  It didn’t last the whole night but each person had to say which piece they would be an why!  Phil was the ship guiding the boot, hat, car, dog etc. through the November evening air on the “advance to Mayfair” trail.

We started in the Windmill, off conduit street, followed by the Coach and Horses, which had christmas decorations up already.  There were a few alleys and mews-style pubs in this one and these are always handy as you often you don’t feel your are in the centre of a world major city.  The first led to Bruton street, where we came across and interesting pub called Guinea.

Then we walked across a square and past a couple of good looking busy pubs and then down an alley to Farm Street and called in at the Punch Bowl. We didn’t Even know it was Guy and Madonna’s pub, it seemed very neighbourhoodly and on a quiet street for mid-london.

The Red Lion at the end of Waverton Street had been described as a country pub in the heart of london. And with the hanging baskets and cute windows you could see why.  In fact in the Red Lion Phil said that he defied anyone to find a better example of a classic pub…real ale, roaring fire, wood panelling, hanging baskets, brass fittings etc.  Sadly it is no longer a pub, so unfortunately the prize for best classic pub is lost (londonpubcrawlers will have a few candidates to take over this prize for sure!).

We ended up in shepherds market another lost haven, a trio of pubs set in cobbled street so that make up the heart of old mayfair.  By about the third time the ship sailed through an alleyway the group were gasping, especially the Australians amongst the throng.  Shepherds Tavern, Ye Grapes, and the Kings Arms completed the festivities.  A fine end to a trail through some of the finest residential streets of westminster


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  1. […] we have been to on our crawls. Not many was the response.  The one that springs to mind was the Red Lion in Mayfair, then there was the Sekforde Arms and recently the Bree Louise will go because of HS2; why […]

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