Victoria Pub Crawls

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Well we’ve had a few of these criss-crossing the area.  In the early years Paul took us on two crawls that appeared to end and start in the same place.  Below is an attempt to piece it together:

The Victoria cr@wl started in the classic Shepherd Neame “Cask & Glass“, one of the smallest pubs in town and yes we did stand outside, not a pub to meet in if the forecast is rain.  It’s nowhere near New Scotland Yard, as Paul would say.  As the rain started to fall we moved swiftly on.  It’s on Palace Street and you can’t miss it for the hanging baskets.  Next was a pub called Colonies (where a bloke followed us from the Cask & Glass claiming to be an odd-job man for the Queen).  This “banter” ended using the old toilet trick, i.e. swiftly drinking up and moving on when the stalker had disappeared to the loo!  Next up the fine Buckingham Arms, appearing in every edition of the GBG, finishing in the Old Star.  Finally a break with tradition – we went to Zanzibar as we were running late and it was still open.

The St James cr@wl a few months later (also led by Paul) started in the now familiar Old Star, Adam & Eve, The Albert, The Strutton Arms-  at which point Paul fell ill, leaving us with a map.   We managed to find The Two Chairman and finished in the Westminster Arms, around the corner from the Abbey.  But it turfed us out abruptly after the bell and that was it

The area was covered by Gez on his St James’ crawl and also Paul himself capped off the area with his “Passport to Pimlico” crawl, which sounded different until we realised we were in the shadow of an all too familiar Victoria Station.  At least we had been spared some of the pubs closer to this hub!


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